• Route: Rockies
  • Ride Year: 2021
  • Hometown: The Woodlands, TX

About: Hey, Hi, Howdy!

I am a senior exercise science student with a specialization in personal training but plan to go to medical school to become an OB-GYN.

I was raised in The Woodlands, Texas just north of Houston. I grew up in a wild, mixed family with 8 siblings and I am the middle child! I love spending time with my siblings more than anything, and they are a huge part of why I ride.

In my senior year of high school, I moved to Miami, FL to live with my dad for my last year of school. Following graduation, I took time off before college to move and work in New York City and Vail, CO! I had a blast, learned so much about myself, and saved enough money to pay my way through college. I started my college career at Florida State University, but missed Texas too much and transferred to UT Austin my sophomore year!

My main passion and hobby in life is fitness and recreation. From hiking to biking, running to weightlifting, I dabble in just about anything that puts your body to the test. This journey to Alaska will put this passion for a challenge to the ultimate test.

Why I Ride

I ride for my grandfather, Marty, that passed away from Colon cancer in March of 2020. He was always a huge supporter of me growing up and encouraged me to dream big and never give up on larger than life goals. He taught me that traveling is just as important as school, and to keep flying high in life.

I ride for my dad, Mike. He was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in December of 2019, and passed away in October 2020. He has always pushed me to keep pursuing the uncomfortable path in life and fight every day for what I want. When I hit my lowest point in life, he was there to support rather than instruct, hold me rather than criticize, and just be there when no one else was.

Dad, I love you so much. I fight every day for you.

Finally, I ride for all families that have or continue to fight cancer. It is a physical, emotional, and financial battle that is unimaginable.