• Route: Rockies
  • Ride Year: 2019
  • Hometown: Spring, TX

About: My full-name is Medhasri Chappidi but most of you know me as Medha or Sri depending on where in my life I met you so don't be alarmed to see a different name! I'm a second year student from Houston, TX studying computer science at the University of Texas.

Some things to know about me: I love reading more than most things and always have a book or three on me. I love fuzzy socks and the color yellow and my teammates. My team loves harder than anyone I know and I am all the better because of them. I want to thank you for taking the time to visit my page! I would love any words of encouragement, book recommendations, or anything you want to send my way!

Why I Ride

Cancer sucks. It’s horrible, painful, and isolating.
But people rock! They are Fighters. Caretakers. Family. Friends. Lovers. And most of all, they persevere!
I ride for all the people who stand strong in the face of cancer.

Texas 4000 embodies the hope for a cancer-free tomorrow. It is an incredibly humbling experience to be able to be a physical part of this fight every day on and off the bike, and I am honored to carry this hope. I want to share the stories of all the fighters, the caretakers, the family, the friends, and the lovers. I ride for the stories I will never hear and the stories I hope to hear one day. I ride for you and for everyone in your life who stands strong every day. I ride for hope.

I also ride for all my teammates who are an incredible group of people. I am honored to ride beside them and for them. Who they ride for is also who I ride for. It is a privilege to grow with them, learn from them, and to fight alongside them.

Most importantly again, I ride for you. Your support means the world to me whether that is monetary or in the form of words and stories. Please let me know if there is anyone in your life you’d like me to ride for – I would be honored to carry their story to Alaska with me.

To Alaska and Back