About Me


  • Route: Rockies
  • Ride Year: 2018
  • Hometown: Houston, TX

About: Hey guys, thanks for visiting my page!

I'm Mackenzie, and I am a junior biomedical engineering student from Houston, Texas. I have two amazing parents and two sisters who are mostly alright. Just kidding, they're as wonderful as my parents, and I have my family to thank for turning me into the outdoorsy, adventure-loving, and driven person I am today. When I'm not riding my bike to fight cancer, you can catch me hiking, swimming, or hanging out with my friends.

I'm super excited to start this journey and I hope you follow it along with me!

Why I Ride

When I first joined Texas 4000, I had not yet been personally affected by cancer. Though I hadn’t lost a loved one, I had watched my friends lose their mom, my dad lose one of his college best friends, and others lose their dads, aunts, uncles, and relatives. I felt utterly helpless as I watched my loved ones experience loss. I couldn't empathize, I couldn't fill the void, I could only be there and being there just wasn't enough. I joined T4K so I could do something to show them how much I care and to fight for a world where no one loses their loved ones to cancer.

Shortly into my T4K journey, my grandma became very ill and was eventually diagnosed with cancer. Several months were spent first trying to figure out what was wrong, and then assessing treatment options and ways to increase her comfort. She lost her battle with cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer) in August of 2017, a few months into my T4K journey. She was an extremely tough, caring, and resilient woman, so it was so difficult to see her weakened by the illness and surgeries. Especially now that I have personally seen the devastation cancer causes, my dedication to and faith in Texas 4000 and all people and organizations who are fighting has been bolstered. I ride for my grandma, I ride for my friends and family who have lost their loved ones to cancer, and I ride in pursuit of a cancer-free world.

I ride for:
Agnes Quigley
Carla Stinson
Dr. Larry Griesemer
Judy Carl
Maggie the Dog
The Cook Family
Bernice Svoboda
Pearl Bishop
Freeman Anderson
Louise Anderson
Linda Anderson
Dolores Mouser
Nina Twardowski
Macey Gonzalez
Cindy Jordan