About Me


  • Route: Rockies
  • Ride Year: 2017
  • Hometown: Round Rock

About: Ask me about running any day, but I have barely biked a day in my life! I am actually an avid runner and just completed my second marathon!! This April I ran in the Boston marathon after qualifying in the Austin marathon two Februaries ago.

I served as an Orientation Advisor with New Student Services for the past two summers and thought I would change things up for this summer! I found this to be a highly rewarding position, in that I get to help new students with their transition to colligate life while helping to create a positive campus culture.

Why I Ride

This spring semester I was contacted from delete blood cancer, and I was a bone marrow match for a recipient I do not know. The process was extensive, but ultimately one of the most rewarding experiences I have yet to undergo. The patient is a young boy with a rare form of blood cancer. I am so fortunate to be able to help someone is such an intimate way, so I will start out by riding for this unknown young boy and his family, and all of the families that are awaiting donor matches. I feel connected to him in a strange way I cannot describe. But it is a feeling that will live with me forever, and I am grateful to have it.

In the spring of 2015, cancer started to fill my thoughts with stress as the disease found a foothold in a few of my most inspiring family members. I aspire to dedicate much of my time to spreading my loved one’s warm legacies and inspire more people to join the fight against cancer. This is an opportunity for me to connect with those I have lost while learning and growing with those that are still fighting.

My grandfather lost his battle to cancer January of 2015, about one year after he was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer. Grandpa Bob was the life of the party. He habitually had the biggest smile of any person in the room and brought people together no matter how far apart we were. He was gallant while humble and logical while mischievous. I gained much of his social ability and appreciated how he gave me confidence in myself. He was a man of commitment and has taught me to always uphold my end of the deal. At the end of every phone call he would say “And do you know what? –What? –I love you.” He always left in good graces and with me feeling secure. He is also the best example of a hopeless romantic I could ever think of. He cared much for his relationships and took great pride in his grandchildren. I am thankful to have learned so much from his ability to commit to things and how to cherish my relationships.

I ride for my Grandpa Bob’s Commitment.

My mother was diagnosed with stage 3B colon cancer spring of 2015 and after fighting through two surgeries, and undergoing precautionary chemotherapy she was declared cancer free. The summer of 2016, we got the diagnosis of four tumors in her liver as a result from the colon cancer. These events changed something in me. It now takes less to make me cry and I constantly exhaust thinking about all possible outcomes of the future. Before these diagnosis's, I didn’t consider myself an emotional person. My mother is one of the most important people in my life and the notion of not having her here is the hardest thought to overcome. Even after being diagnosed, my mom thought more about other people then she did herself. The diagnosis of her stage came only a few months after losing my grandfather, her father, adding to the anxiety of the compilation of events. She caters to aiding my emotions of her being affected before attending to the thought about herself. Her heart has consistently been aligned with others, maximizing her ability to care for people. She is everything I need when I’m down, even from 1,200 miles away, while i attend school in Texas and she lives in Tampa Florida. Normally earnestness and compassion don’t appear in one person. My mother embodies both traits with grace showing a maturity and collectiveness making her fondly realistic and comforting. I believe she is an important influence as she is the kind of person I want to grow up to be.

I ride for my mother’s Tenderness.

My father’s mother was diagnosed with supraglottic laryngeal cancer this past summer again compounding these events into less then half a year apart. She went through treatment that caused painful problems along with the pain and discomfort of the tumors themselves. Grandma Mimi has supported me and given me a solid foundation for my morals to sit. She has taught me a lot about what it means to dedicate your life to something. Mimi gives me strength in my aspirations and has been a huge supporter of my goals. She is the kind of person who is consistently cheering me on.

I ride for my Grandma Mimi’s Dedication.

I lost my step grandmother only 3 months after she was diagnosed with stage-4 pancreatic cancer. I hesitate to say step grandmother because I feel like the word ‘step’ distances me from her. When she joined our family, she brought with her the charisma and joy, un-parallel to most. She was invariably meticulous about the small things. Her favorite machine was the label maker and this aided her fascination with the details and her scrupulous nature. Grandma Jan’s creativity and diligence was wonderfully displayed on her tapestries taking months of consistent work. I am very lucky to have had people like her in my life who cared so much for me.

I ride for my Grandma Jan’s Care.

I am incredibly fortunate to have been touched by these selfless people. I cherished the time I have spent with these few and give much thought to the memories I share with them. They have taught me things that have contributed to the pillars of my life. For example, being authentic to my personality and having confidence in my ability and knowledge. I have struggled with accepting some of my qualities and characteristics, but with the praise of these loved ones, I have been able to overcome my reluctance and insecurities. They bring out my best qualities and I am grateful for their impact resting in me. Proactively fighting cancer will strengthen my bond with Grandpa Bob and Grandma Jan and enable me to spread their legacies. I will fight for Grandma Mimi and my mother along with the many others who endured or are currently battling cancer. I will fight for the memories and stories of every person I have met that has been effected and hope to teach people about what I have learned from their love.

I believe in the fight. I believe anyone who battles to cure cancer will have an impact, just as my loved ones have impacted me.