Today I got my training jersey and, wow, things are getting real! Honestly, I never would have guessed that I would one day be wearing the Texas 4000 jersey and committing to bike over 4,000 miles across North America…but I hate cancer that much. My mother was actually one of the first people to tell […]

It’s been a long time coming. So much has been building up to this summer – 18 months of leadership training, endless monday night meetings, plenty of team workouts, hundreds of hours volunteering in the Austin and surrounding communities, fundraising an enormous sum of money, and thousands of training miles. I don’t have the exact […]

WOW! The time has come for my team and me to pack our bags, load the trailers, and head out for the summer ride. In 9 short days, we will be headed out on the adventure of a lifetime. There have been a fair amount of tears thus far, between saying goodbye to family and […]

Preface: I wrote this entry a few months ago to post on Facebook, but I am just now starting to journal so pretend I posted this in February.   Eleven years ago, from February 2nd, I lost my little sister to cancer. Processing a loss like that is difficult and can take a long time, […]

Surprisingly enough, I’m still here. I didn’t think I was going to make it. I didn’t think I would be this lucky, yet here I am. I was faced with a bout of self-doubt, which I felt almost immediately after starting this weekend’s ride. My legs felt heavier than usual, more sluggish and tired than […]

Our team has now been training for five months now. Five very taxing months on our bodies, as we have riders varying from never getting on a bike to cycling for years and everything in between. As a woman on this team it is very hard to be ok with how cyclist has affected my […]

Over the summer, my grandmother took a fall. Tripping over the threshold of a door while carrying a box, she fell towards a tree, breaking her nose and shattering her right shoulder. She has since been in recovery, but recently found a mass in her right breast, which she feared could be cancer. At 76, […]

April: A new month Push Yourself Rejuvenate Inspire Others Laugh Lots   6 April 2019 – Thunderstorms Weekend 1… 13 April 2019 – Thunderstorms Weekend 2… 14 April 2019 – Enjoying windy trips out to Lake Pfluegerville when two 80 miles get cancelled because the sky ONLY opens up on Saturdays in Austin 20 April […]

25 days until our departure from Austin. Its kinda insane how quickly time can fly by. I cannot wait to make this journey across North America with some of the most inspirational people I know. This group of students is truly remarkable. We have about a dozen going on to medical school to pursue their […]

Shaving my head wasn’t a big deal. Really. I look the same as I’ve looked in ski hats, bike helmets, and baseball caps my whole life. I expected that middle school feeling of paranoia that everyone was staring at me, and I have yet to actually feel it. I look like my dad and I […]