Fear is defined as “an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous.” This unpleasant emotion has caused me to miss countless opportunities and adventures because I didn’t trust myself enough and feared rejection. If I’m being honest, most of the time I conquer my fears because I don’t want to […]

It was cold. It was wet. And the sun was still at least half an hour below the horizon. A few of my teammates huddled together underneath a small light, vying for warmth. It was the day of our half century test and as my teammates keep rolling into the parking lot, I tried to […]

Yesterday I walked into our weekly meeting and looked around at a bunch of fresh faces, the 2019 team: some looking anxious, some greeting each other for the first time, and some looking slightly overwhelmed. It is hard to believe that only a year ago I was in their shoes, a newly admitted T4K rider. […]

Since coming back to school for the new year, we have jumped headfirst into training. Mileage is increasing, rides are becoming longer and more frequent, and my carb intake has definitely skyrocketed. With all of that, I have gotten to see my teammates in a new light—one where they are put in positions of weakness, […]

I am in constant awe when I step back and look at our team. It’s crazy to think that around this time last year, we were just getting started with our involvement in Texas 4000. I remember feeling very awkward most of the time. At our Monday night meetings, there was almost 80 people in […]

Peddling slowly, panting from exhaustion we pushed up the hill nearing the end of our half century. After a number of mechanical difficulties we were literally racing time to finish our half century test, and I was burning out. Normally, I stare at the jersey in front of me. “Fighting Cancer Every Mile” — that’ll […]

It’s been a while since I’ve published an update on my Texas 4000 journey. There have been many milestones that my team and I have hit but to be frank, I have had a really difficult time sitting down to process and write down my thoughts for others to read. In October, I found out […]

I was sitting in a chair clearly made for someone no taller than 4’10, deeply engaged in conversation about 21 Savage, mixing glue, shaving cream, and neon green paint by hand. Teaching kids with cancer to make crafts while they’re getting chemo and transfusions seems like a pretty straightforward and worthwhile task. But there I […]

Day 43: Columbia Icefield, AB to McBride, AB Today would be our qualifying ride for the Dease Lake challenge (a 210-mile ride with 12,000 ft of elevation). In order to qualify, riders would have to complete a 100-mile ride in under 7 hours. I, personally, was not too interested in participating in this challenge, so […]

Day 39: Calgary to Banff I awoke this morning to the pitter-patter of rain on the church’s roof. Throughout much of our journey, we have been lucky to not ride through rain. Unfortunately, luck can only do so much when you’re in Canada. After a breakfast of Tim Horton’s, I got bundled up in my […]