Day 7: 7 June 2019 Beaumont, TX —> Lake Charles, LA [SAG] Today was our first border crossing and my first day on SAG for the summer ride. SAG is a whole other experience than cycling. I can say very honestly that I was stressed about doing the best I could for my teammates. Debleena […]

Hey guys!   So, I made a lot of ambitious promises about updating on the progress of T4K throughout the summer, and I kept about 0 of them. I’m really sorry for my radio silence during the summer, and after, and there were definitely times during the summer where I tried to sit down and […]

Why does it seem like a dream? The green trees lacing the mountain side; the clear turquoise channel flowing alongside the road; the mountains soaring upwards reaching to the sky. Was it a dream? It seems like a dream. Less than 48 hours before this was written, I was on the bike. At the time […]

First off, I don’t think this would be a post worthy of Meg Murakami’s journal if I didn’t start off with an apology. I’m sorry it took me eight months in order to collect my thoughts and write a journal entry. Over the course of the spring semester and into the summer, I’ve had the […]

It’s Saturday the 20th of July, and on Monday the 15th, I had a relatively barbaric surgery on my legs. Why, you ask? To fix chronic exertional compartment syndrome, a condition I developed because of my unique combination of skiing and running through high school. My legs are now almost entirely green with bruising, but […]

This is really happening. I applied to be part of Texas 4000 in September/October 2017, was accepted in November 2017, and in January 2018 the preparation for this summer ride began. It’s been a 20-month journey to get here today. Day 0: 31 May 2019 Austin, TX —> Lampasas, TX [73 miles] “If you want […]

On the opposite wrist of which my sister’s name is tattooed on, is another tattoo I got coincidently. The outer wrist reads “if not now” and the inner wrist reads “when” – if not now, when? The tattoo faces inwards towards me, something the artist was oddly uncomfortable with, asking “Are you sure you want […]

It’s June 25th. 2019 left Austin nearly a month ago. In less than three weeks from having a surgery on my legs that will make it possible for me to train next year, and will (hopefully) take away the pain I’ve experienced for nearly six years. Two years ago I was told that I had […]

What is your story? I think this is a powerful question that can have an even more powerful answer. And I don’t think it’s asked enough – not nearly enough. It’s not an easy question to ask nor answer, but if we’re brave enough to do either it’s a beautiful thing. I want to start […]

Today I got my training jersey and, wow, things are getting real! Honestly, I never would have guessed that I would one day be wearing the Texas 4000 jersey and committing to bike over 4,000 miles across North America…but I hate cancer that much. My mother was actually one of the first people to tell […]