Many of my teammates have had the “it’s becoming real” feeling in the past months. Whether it was our team venturing out to Clark Field for 6 AM Saturday morning workouts, getting our bicycles from Bicycle World, navigating the IM Fields and the Shoal Creek Route for the first time on our bikes, or receiving […]

After two and a half months of contemplating a name for my bike, I’ve finally come across the perfect one. Like many people, I grew up watching Star Wars from the original trilogy to the later prequels. I remember my first experience with this saga and how it evoked a sense of reality in my […]

I have a theory about New Year’s Resolutions and why people often find them so hard to keep. When many people look at the new year, they believe that who they were before no longer matters. Just as a snake sheds its skin, the person’s flaws and failures are left behind in the previous year. […]

[Written December 18th] Yesterday I did something I’ve wanted to do for ages: bike from my dad’s house to my mom’s house. Since I’ve never owned a car, I’ve always humored the idea of biking from one to the other instead. Until now, it had always seemed infeasible: I didn’t feel safe biking alone and […]

[Written on December 4th] I don’t mind biking in the cold. After a few layers and a few miles of biking, my only complaint tends to be a runny nose. I also don’t mind biking in the rain. In fact, after sweating a good amount, the rain can feel quite nice. Combine the two together, […]

Being from Austin, the Trail of Lights is a staple to my holiday experience. However, I have always approached it from an enjoyment standpoint and have never volunteered for it. Volunteering was a completely different experience and one that I greatly enjoyed. I volunteered at the start line of the race with some of my […]

Today was the last day of classes for the Fall semester. 2016 has been a… rough… year for me, in a lot of different ways. I wish I would’ve spent more time checking in with myself. I wish I would’ve spent more time doing what I’m doing now: sitting down, reflecting, and forcing myself to […]

We spend our moments together singing, dancing, and laughing. It is the epitome of vibrancy. We can also cry together, speak softly, and just be. It is gentleness and love. Never before have I seen a community of such radiant individuals. In the face of adversity, each gives encouragement to one another. In the face […]

November has been filled with its literal ups and downs; this past month, we have started riding as a team and going on longer and hillier rides. Training camp was one of the first opportunities for the team to take on such rides, as we rode two days back-to-back in Fayetteville. We had many coaches […]