The LIVESTRONG Challenge ride celebrated its 20th ride year in Austin this year. The event starts in downtown Austin and winds its way through the streets and back roads all the way down in San Marcos. My teammates and I had the incredible opportunity to volunteer at this great event and talk with the riders […]

I applied for Texas 4000 September 24th, 2016. I have been dreaming of biking from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska to raise money for cancer research for over a year. This past Friday, I made the first tangible step towards this goal; I got my bike. Throughout the past two semesters, we have heard riding […]

  Two weekends ago was the 111th Red River Showdown against The University of Oklahoma. Every year, students from both campuses travel to “neutral territory” in Dallas to compete, with taunting chants and school pride dominating the color palette of the State Fair of Texas. I’ve come back to Dallas 4/5 of my years here at […]

This past summer I spent three months in Europe, mostly in Italy where I did a study abroad program in a Tuscan town called Castiglion Fiorentino. I traveled in seven countries and dozens of cities and towns. I learned so much about the Italian culture and people and most importantly I learned about myself. Three […]

One of my favorite legends is that of the scholar Faust. A highly successful and talented man, Faust becomes complacent with his life and looks towards other avenues through which he can expand his intellect. The devil becomes keen to his curiosities and sends a demon to the scholar. Playing right into Faust’s passions, this […]

Getting your bike is a huge milestone in Texas 4000. It signifies the reality of the journey you are about to embark on. But what’s almost as important as receiving the bike itself, is deciding on a name. The name of your bike carries an enormous amount of weight. Not to mention, picking a name […]

noun   |    con·ver·gence    |    \kən-ˈvər-jən(t)s\ 1: independent development of similar characteristics often associated with similarity of habits or environment <convergent evolution> In biology, I learned that convergence was when two species that were biologically unrelated developed similar structures – even while living in different areas of the world. Since I began my Texas 4000 […]

3 kids, 6 grandkids, and nearly 50 years of marriage encapsulated many of life’s treasures. These births, marriages, and friendships pale in comparison to the magical, monotonous routine my thathaaya (grandpa) perfected alongside my ammama (grandma) for 50 years. Wake up at 5 AM enjoy tea together, go do agriculture work, then enjoy lunch together at […]

Hi there! About 11 months ago, I received the news that i would have the opportunity  to be apart of the Texas 4000 for Cancer 2017 team, but it didn’t seem to hit me until just recently. While the summer was full of fundraising through hours of panhandling and letter writing, the actual feat of […]

Whether you’re a current rider, a potential host, a donator or just a random passerby, you may be wondering just how we make it to Alaska. It’ll be hard, but not impossible. These tips will help you understand exactly How to Texas 4000. Step 1: Get used to early bedtimes and early rising. Whether it’s […]