The last 576 days have been spent riding 2,000 training miles, volunteering 50 hours in the Austin community, and attending countless meetings. It’s all been building up to our departure for Anchorage. It’s here! It’s happening! I’ll do my best to write weekly, but I’ll have limited access to wi-fi. For each day, I’m trying to write […]

While the 2017 team is on their adventure to Alaska–living the mission–the 2018 team is watching with envious eyes and beginning to delve into the world of fundraising.  We’re working our way up to our $4,500 goal, dollar by dollar. I was out panhandling on the streets today, along with teammates Hadiqa Zafar and Maddie […]

What I’ve done so far: My first semester in Texas 4000 consisted of completing 25 (of an eventual 50) volunteer hours, going to 1 workout a week (starting after spring break), attending meeting once a week, getting started on my $7,000 fundraising goal, and thinking countless times, “Is this really happening?” Needless to say, semester […]

Two more weeks, that’s it… and yet never has 14 days felt like an eternity until now. As close as it is, the journey to Alaska still feels as far away as it did 365 days ago. I suppose it is because I have no idea what to expect; an endeavor such as this is […]

Raise $4,500: check! Train 2,000 miles: check! Volunteer 75 hours: check! It’s finally, here. Go week! It’s crazy to see how fast the past 18 months have flown by. Seeing all of my experiences packed into a {tiny} 60L bag and shoved on a trailer is quite emotional. Deciding which of my favorite Texas 4000 […]

Ballet was the first thing I can say I put (literal) blood, sweat, and tears into. I pursued classical ballet from the ages of 3-17, and I miss it every day. It taught me the value of hard work, and it taught me how rewarding it is to actively and energetically work towards a goal. […]

Two days. In just two days, I will embark on my 4,500-mile bike journey from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska. What. Some of you may wonder, how’s it feel? How’s it feel to leave all familiarity with just a bike and a duffle bag that will inevitably be your new home for over two months? […]

575 days as a member of this organization and finally, on the eve of the first day of the summer journey, I figured out the truth to question they asked me before I even joined the team: why do I ride? I have been asked this question countless times on countless occasions and in countless […]

A few days ago, I made my way to get a haircut. As I was sitting in the waiting area, I couldn’t help but over hear a man and the hairdresser chatting about what brought the man to Austin. He mentioned the words, “I am on a cross-country bike ride from San Diego to St. […]

Last Saturday (Day -62), I talked about the LBJ ride from the perspective of a rider. Today, however, I would like to talk about it from the perspective of a volunteer. One year ago, I was just beginning my Texas 4000 experience. At the time, the prospect of cycling seemed far away; my mind was […]