November has been filled with its literal ups and downs; this past month, we have started riding as a team and going on longer and hillier rides. Training camp was one of the first opportunities for the team to take on such rides, as we rode two days back-to-back in Fayetteville. We had many coaches […]

When I think of Thanksgiving, the first thing I think of is family. Actually maybe gravy. Kidding, I think of family. Most of the time. My family has always been a top priority in my life. I talk to my brothers every day and my parents at least three times a week. But to me, […]

When I think of the idea of digging for buried treasure, I think of a tourist walking around the beach with an old fashioned metal detector waiting for it to beep. Once it finally does, they fall to the ground and dig as fast as they can to dig up whatever made the beep happen. […]

Coming into Texas 4000, alumni of past rides would often say to me, “After a certain point in the year, your T4K team will be the closest friends that you have ever made.” When I first heard this bold claim, I very much doubted its validity. How could I build friendships in this organization greater than […]

Every Texas 4000 meeting, we have Ride Dedications where we sit silently as riders tell the team who they ride for.  People speak only when they feel the need, but there are always many who do.  It’s a reminder that we ride for our families, our friends, and people we’ve never met before. It’s a […]

  This Saturday, my teammates and I set out before 5am and drove out to Fayetteville, Texas for training camp. Fayetteville is a town roughly in the middle of Houston and Austin with a population of ~250. The kind residents of Fayetteville were kind enough to allow us to spend the night in their school’s “Cafetorium” and […]

This weekend was our training camp. This was a weekend that I was excited about but that I was also really nervous about. I knew that I would ride the most that I had ever at one time, two days in a row, and probably on a route that was the most difficult to date. […]

With Thanksgiving already rapidly approaching, it is incredible to look back at the growth, motivation between teammates, and connections with our community members that we have achieved as a team in just the past month. At the beginning of October, we found out which of the three routes we would be taking to Alaska next […]

This past Saturday we had our first skills clinic, which also meant all of us getting on our nice new bikes for the first time. This also meant for some of us, getting on a bike for the first ever or for the first time in a really long time. I was in the second […]

Stretching out from the road lies huge farms with fields bordered by cattle fences. Large trees line the roadside and catch the fading light in their leaves as the sun dips towards the horizon. It’s about 80 degrees outside two days before Halloween. A weirdly warm day for this time it seems. My teammates and I […]