Well, the first semester of my Texas 4000 experience is over. (I meant to post these updates in the middle of summer, so just pretend it’s still July as you read this. I’m still pretending it’s summer, and maybe that’s why I haven’t gotten any actual work done for class.) It’s cliche, but it honestly […]

Much to my mother’s annoyance, I don’t answer my phone very often. I’m even less likely to pick up when the caller is a number I don’t recognize. But on November 4th, 2016, I decided to run out of class to answer a phone call from a random number, and this call would change my […]

I walk by it every day. My bike sits just outside my bedroom door- it’s the first thing I see on my morning stumble to the coffee maker, and the last thing I see before I close my door each night. Most days I walk by it and just toss it an apprehensive glance. Some […]

No matter what kind of personality test I take, it always labels me as some variation of an “achiever.” As an “achiever,” I focus on checking items and experiences off of my various lists. This leads me to focusing more on the future, instead of the path I am taking to get there. At times, […]

Raising thousands of dollars is no easy feat, even for a cause as worthy as the fight against cancer. In an effort to spread our mission and reach our goals, some of my teammates and I have joined Austin’s panhandlers this summer, sifting for stories and the empathetic dollar bills that often come with them. […]

It’s hard to believe that July has already flown by and the fall semester of my fourth year is creeping up! This summer, in addition to studying for the MCAT, I took an internship at Texas 4000 for Cancer. With the end of my internship quickly approaching, I’ve begun to reflect on my experiences in […]

Earlier this year, I reached out to my former high school asking if they could include my Texas 4000 story and profile in an alumni newsletter.  Once the issue was sent out, I received a donation from a woman whose name I did not recognize, but who I figured heard my story through the newsletter. […]

The last 576 days have been spent riding 2,000 training miles, volunteering 50 hours in the Austin community, and attending countless meetings. It’s all been building up to our departure for Anchorage. It’s here! It’s happening! I’ll do my best to write weekly, but I’ll have limited access to wi-fi. For each day, I’m trying to write […]

While the 2017 team is on their adventure to Alaska–living the mission–the 2018 team is watching with envious eyes and beginning to delve into the world of fundraising.  We’re working our way up to our $4,500 goal, dollar by dollar. I was out panhandling on the streets today, along with teammates Hadiqa Zafar and Maddie […]

What I’ve done so far: My first semester in Texas 4000 consisted of completing 25 (of an eventual 50) volunteer hours, going to 1 workout a week (starting after spring break), attending meeting once a week, getting started on my $7,000 fundraising goal, and thinking countless times, “Is this really happening?” Needless to say, semester […]