Texas 4000 Video Archives

IMG_3237I was compiling a few of my favorite Texas 4000 videos this morning (I’m Jen, by the way, Executive Director for Texas 4000) to share with a potential partner and decided that everyone could use a little Friday afternoon inspiration, right? Admittedly, there are probably more than three hours of videos below… but I sincerely encourage you to click on one or two and bookmark the page to come back to when you need a lift. Working with the incredible student cancer fighters featured in these videos is an honor for which I am grateful each and every day. They are the reason I continue to put one foot in front of the other and my reminder that living with hope and purpose is a choice we always have.

day 65 girls beautiful scenery DSCN7276 Ride dedication circle.

Recent Favorites:
10 Years of Cycling Towards the Cure for Cancer (4:46)
2014 Team Video “Best Day of My Life” (3:30)
2014 Tribute Feature Video (11:52)
2013 Team Video “Wake Me Up” (4:16)
2013 Tribute Feature Video (13:15)
10th Anniversary Video 1 (5:02)
10th Anniversary Video 2 (7:22)
Ozarks Route Intro (5:10)

Recent Route Specific and Day 70 Videos:
2014 Sierra Route “I Lived” (4:32)
2014 Rockies Route “Ends of the Earth” (4:42)
2014 Ozarks Route “Something I Need” (4:11)
2014 Day 70 “Gone, Gone, Gone” (4:17)
2013 Sierra Route “Into the Wild” (3:51)
2013 Rockies Route “On Top of the World” (3:09)
2013 Ozarks Route “You Make My Dreams” (3:15)
2013 Day 70 “Wagon Wheel” (3:52)

Through the Years:
2012 Team Video “Every Tear Is A Waterfall” (5:19)
2012 Tribute Feature Video (9:55)
2012 Ruel Bobet Tribute (3:50)
2011 Team Video “My Body” (4:45)
2011 Tribute Feature Video (15:00)
2010 Team Video (2:02)
2010 Tribute Feature Video (10:05)
2009 Team Video “Black Water” (5:40)
2009 Tribute Feature Video (10:18)
2009 MD Anderson Video (5:05)
2008 Team Video “All These Things That I’ve Done” (3:35)
2006 Team Video “Thunderstruck” (4:52)
2006 Tribute Feature Video (14:47)
2005 Rides Into Anchorage “Learning To Fly” (5:35)