Texas 4000 – Summer Ride Update

Dear Texas 4000 Family,

We continue to hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. Over the past few weeks, the 2020 Texas 4000 team, staff and board have been working together to plan for the team’s summer experience. 

Throughout the summer ride decision-making process, one thing has remained non-negotiable:the health and safety of everyone in the T4K family. That includes the teams, their loved ones, and our countless partners and supporters across the continent. 

With many states showing slow and inconsistent progress in the fight against COVID-19,  the lack of widespread COVID-19 and antibody testing, the relaxing of social distancing measures, and the varied local, state, and Canadian provincial directives, Texas 4000 is sad to announce that the 2020 Team will not be physically riding from Austin to Anchorage this summer. While this is a difficult decision, all of us, the board, staff, and 2020 Team, agree this is the right decision during these historically difficult times.

While the 2020 team will not be physically riding across the continent and visiting with families that have graciously offered their homes, time and support, they will continue Fighting Cancer Every Mile and fulfilling the mission of Texas 4000. Cancer diagnoses and treatments haven’t stopped during this time, and we won’t either. Texas 4000 is committed to continuing to spread Hope, Knowledge and Charity this summer – it’s just going to look a little different. 

Today, Texas 4000 is proud to announce that the 2020 team will continue to engage communities in the fight against cancer virtually beginning Friday, May 29th through Friday, June 26th. Through this new format, you will have opportunities to join the 2020 Team as part of a virtual ride dedication circle, stationary cycling with the team, and special evening conversations with the 2020 Team where you will learn cancer awareness & prevention information along with more about the riders. There might even be some special guests joining in on the fun. And, for those of you able to cycle outdoors safely, we’ll be sharing how you can also show your support for the team and the fight against cancer. 

Sign up today, and we’ll share more information and the schedule so you can join the team in the fight against cancer.


While we are heartbroken these young leaders won’t be travelling across the continent, we are so proud of everything that this team has accomplished in the fight against cancer. Collectively, they have logged over 78,000 miles on their bikes and an additional 1,100 workouts since the program went virtual. This semester they have volunteered 435 hours with 10 cancer fighting organizations. They’ve also created more travel plans than any other team and continued to engage with over 200 supporters across the country. 

The staff and board are working hard with the 2020 team to make sure that during this difficult time the team has the most memorable summer experience possible. We are excited about the opportunity to engage our community in ways we never have before and ask you to join us and show your support for these amazing young women and men who have dedicated so much time to Texas 4000.

Thank you for your continued support of Texas 4000 and the 2020 team.