Special Welcome to Arkansas for Texas Cyclists

LITTLE ROCK, AR – A group of riders starting a very long journey have received a special welcome in downtown Little Rock.

These cyclists call themselves the “Texas 4,000.” They’re riding from Austin to Anchorage, Alaska, with several stops along the way, including Wednesday’s at the UAMS Cancer Institute.

The riders say their journey symbolizes the struggle their friends and loved ones who have survived cancer go through.

“Riding your bike to Alaska, it may seem like an impossible thing, but we’re not riding our bikes to Alaska in a day,” says Vanessa Beltran.

“Little by little, this insurmountable thing becomes more possible and we just they can’t ride so you ride for them, you try to share your strength.”

They’re not just helping by pedaling, each member of the Texas 4,000 raises at least $4,500 for cancer research and support.