Nominations Now Open for the Texas 4000 Service Recognition Award

Texas 4000 is now accepting nominations for the Texas 4000 Service Recognition Award (formerly the Chairman’s Pin Award given out at Texas 4000’s Tribute Gala). Any Texas 4000 rider, alumni, or supporter can make a nomination.

Criteria for Nominations for the Texas 4000 Service Award

The nominee can be an individual, alumni, staff, board member, corporation, or organization that has provided service to Texas 4000 to help advance the mission of cultivating student leaders and engaging communities in the fight against cancer.

To be considered, the nominee must have done something to help advance the Texas 4000 mission through a single substantial act or multiple years of service (i.e. years of support, financial, in-kind, volunteerism, transformative gift, going over and beyond for the team or Texas 4000).

Required information to make a nomination – your name, email, and phone number; the nominee’s name, email, and phone number; a description of why the nominee should receive the award

Deadline for nominations: EOD Friday, May 24, 2019

Nominations will be reviewed by Texas 4000’s Board who will determine the recipients of the award. All recipients of the award will be recognized at the 2019 Tribute Gala. If a recipient is unable to attend the Tribute Gala in person, other arrangements will be made to present the award to the recipient.

Click Here to complete the Nomination Form