American university students embark on 70-day journey for cancer fundraising

The longest annual charity bike ride in the world, the Texas 4000, has rolled into Calgary, just 39 days afer departing from Austin, Texas.

The team consists of 79 University of Texas students who are on a 70-day journey raising funds to fight cancer.

PROGRAM Co-ordinator Kathryn Flowers tells 660News, while in Calgary Tuesday night, the team will celebrate and share hope with friends and family before continuing their trip.

She says, “There is a group of them meeting up with Young Adult Cancer Canada survivors at the Yardhouse tonight; Young Adult Cancer Canada is the first year we’ve given money to them, so we just granted them $10,000 for one of their PROGRAMS and it’s our first Canadian grant, so we’re very excited to have stronger connections to Canada and we welcome any and all Canadians to come out and support them.”

The ride itself serves as a metaphor for the difficult battle cancer patients wage each day.

The final destination for the Texas 4000 team will be Anchorage, Alaska.

The event has sent over 400 riders on their bicycles, travelling MORE than two million miles and have collectively raised more than $4 million for the fight against cancer in Texas.

M. Jeremy Jul 8, 2014 09:23:31 PM