Yes, it is possible for a few people to change the world

It’s difficult to read the paper or watch television anymore without being bombarded with news about senseless bloodshed, violence, disease, hunger, starvation, hatred, abuse and myriad other social and moral injustices. Just how do we go about trying to “fix” the way things are in today’s world? Mind boggling to think about it.

Is it even possible for one person or a few people to change the world? The answer to that question in my own humble opinion is yes, and here’s why.

A few weeks ago I received an invitation from our good friends Randy and Mystee to attend and support a cancer awareness fundraising event being held in their neighborhood. Over the years, I’ve participated and been involved in a number of functions associated with research and awareness of this most horrid disease we know as cancer. It’s affected my own family in many ways.

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