UT Grad to Bike to Alaska, Educate Communities about Cancer along the way

Marc Castaneda is a San Antonio native who just graduated from UT Austin.

Castaneda is also a member of Texas 4000, a student-let organization with a mission to cultivate student leaders and engage communities in the fight against cancer.

In June, over 70 group members will bike from Austin to Anchorage, sharing hope and knowledge about cancer along the way.

Ahead of the trip, each cyclist also raised about $4,500 for cancer research and support services as another way to give back.

Castaneda says, “The main person I joined for is my grandma on my father’s side.  Her name is Flora.  She was diagnosed with Lymphoma when I was a freshman in college, 2014.

I found this organization and I realized this is the best thing I could give back to her and those who are fighting.”

Castaneda was raised in a low-income community in San Antonio and says he learned a lot about who he was in the process.  He also learned how to be his own advocate and to advocate for others.

Castaneda admits, “I think this is an example of why I wanted to be in Texas 4000.  It’s going to be a very emotional and physical journey and I’m a little bit scared for that, but I think it’s important to try to do these things for other people.

If I can bike 4,500 miles I can do anything, and I can do anything for anybody else too.”

To learn more about Texas 4000 or Castaneda, visit the Texas 4000 website.

Written by Meg Bonacorsi

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