The Texas 4000 riders have come through Springfield for the third consecutive year!


This program has evolved into a student organized and coordinated event that raises funds for various cancer programs.  It is has been taking place each year for over a decade.  The students are organized into three groups (approx 24 riders each) that start in Austin, TX on Memorial Day and travel via the Ozarks, Sierra or Rockies routes into Canada where they meet and travel on to Anchorage, AK arriving in mid-August.

This year, the Ozark group traveled to Springfield from Eureka Springs on June 19th.  Through the outstanding efforts of Brian Inman and Bob Chancellor, the students were greatly appreciative of the support they received from our community.  Brian arranged for a security escort from Cherokee Middle School on Planeview through Friday evening traffic to the Chamber of Commerce Building where Bob had arranged for the Sertoma Club to provide a BBQ dinner. The picture shows the Texas 4000 riders with the local folks.  Bob also arranged for them to ride their bikes around the Hammonds Field between the Cardinals doubleheader games, and to set up a fund raising booth.  Brian also arranged for them to spend the evening in the Doubletree Hotel and have a great breakfast before they took off on Saturday morning heading to Waynesville.

Brian and Bill met groups of the students at Tracker Road as they rode up Hwy 13 and escorted them to Cherokee School. This almost proved to be an impossible task as the James River was close to coming over the Bridge on Hwy 13.  Fortunately, the river was receding by the time we arrived at the bridge. Brian, Anthony Tindall and Bill rode with them and the security detail up through Springfield primarily via Fremont Avenue.  Gary and Marlene Ledford welcomed the riders along with the Sertoma folks.  Gary and Marlene also rode with them to Marshfield on Saturday and Gary provided some of the riders with a first time experience on a tandem bike while they were at the rest stop.

All in all a fun time and much appreciated by the Texas 4000 riders.  You can learn more about these folks by going to web site.  Donations to their various charities also can be done through the web site.

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