The Rosedale Ride

Rosedale Ride 1

This weekend members of the Texas 4000 Team had an amazing opportunity to volunteer at the 23rd Annual Rosedale Ride. The Rosedale Ride is a charity bike ride that benefits the Rosedale School, the only school in Austin ISD to support children with disabilities and profound needs. It was heartwarming to see the community at large come together to ride in honor of the inspiring Rosedale kids. Each story we had the chance to hear and each student we met was empowering and a ray of sunshine.

Rosedale Ride 5

Over 1,000 riders participated in this ride, and we got to help cheer them on at the starting line and along the kid’s ride! Many Rosedale students and alumni participated in the ride. They are role models for my team members and I as they have constantly overcome hurdles throughout life, persevered, and still today have the biggest smiles and brightest spirits of any group of people I have ever meet. It was a very rewarding opportunity to help support the Rosedale School and meanwhile uncover a hidden gem I didn’t even know we had in Austin.

Rosedale Ride 3

Written by 2018 Rider Ruchika Bengani