The 2016 Team Volunteers at the Rookie Triathlon

This previous weekend Texas4000 got the opportunity to help out the Austin triathlon community at the Rookie Tri. After getting to the Walter E Long Metropolitan Park, and eating a couple breakfast tacos, we we’re split up into different groups to go and man each of the corners around the biking loop. Though our job was to ensure everyone went the right way, no one got hurt, and to cheer everyone on, we started out directing traffic with the police officers at our corner. Nothing makes people quite as happy as telling them that their plans to go boating on a Saturday morning will have to wait for our triathlon to finish, and after a directing traffic for a little bit, we move to our corner and started cheering people on. Francisco and I were at the top of a very large hill, and tried to motivate everyone with a variety of techniques including Francisco’s own interpretation of “There ain’t no mountain high enough” as they struggled through the hill.

Despite volunteering at multiple events previously, the rookie tri was memorable for a variety of reasons. I have never had so many people thank me and have a small conversation with me as they are racing, especially after just climbing a massive hill and looking exhausted. It really speaks to the community that we are part of, and those that we support and are supported by. As we were leaving, one of the police officers that we had talked to earlier called us over to talk to us. He was incredibly supportive of our cause and told us that “you only get one shot at life, so bring your bazooka”. As odd of a statement it is, that’s what we’re doing here at Texas4000, we’re bringing our bazooka in our fight against cancer.

Written by Oliver Noble