The 2016 Team Volunteers at LBJ100 Ride!

At the LBJ Ride this past weekend, Jose Talavera and I got lost in the midst of what was soon to be referred to by the two of us as one of the most confusing collection of roads we had every seen. The Lyndon B. Johnson State Park in Stonewall Texas features a beautiful array of biking trails and outdoor hilly scenery, however, it is hard to know where exactly you are going in a given direction, even with a detailed map in hand. We left Austin about two hours before we had to be at rest stop four, and the park was only about an hour away from campus. Even though we had to drop two others at their own respective stops, we made it to our stop right at about 12:30 and we both thought that we would have more than enough time to arrange whatever supplies that we needed to set up before the first large group of bikers arrived in pursuit of bodily fuel. Unfortunately, Rest Stop #4 was in a lot of trouble. Our rest stop coordinator and staff were a no show, and there was literally nothing prepared for the first batch of bikers that were only minutes away from our stop when we arrived. We immediately popped open the supply bins that were there and we made make shift-cutting areas out of the chairs at the stop (we weren’t even provided a table…) and we started to prepare as many batches of oranges, bananas, Gatorade mix, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as possible. It was initially difficult trying to keep up with the amount of the riders that were arriving at our stop, especially after the main pack arrived, however a kind group of adults that worked the LBJ ride came with a trailer with a table and a bunch of extra food and other supplies, and they helped us reorganize our janky set-up into something worth being proud of. I think this ride showed me just how much people care about helping out a cause like ours. Riding a bike to Alaska is one thing, but as Texas 4000 riders we are most impactful when we are able to sit down and have meaningful conversations with individuals like the adults that came out to help our volunteer station. That’s where the fight against cancer starts and ends.


Written by Patrick Golden