The 2016 Team Volunteers at Creepy Crawlies


CreepyCrawliesOn February 7th, the 2016 Texas 4000 team volunteered at Creepy Crawlies, the last race of the Trailhead Running Series. One of the directors of Trailhead Running, Richelle Criswell, helps us coordinate our ATLAS ride in May, so it was great to help her out with one of her events. It was the first time a large group (about 25) of us had volunteered together and we couldn’t wait! We all got there at about 6:30AM, split up different duties around the trail, at the hospitality area, and at check in. While we got organized, the team mingled with each other and the race coordinators. The race started at 9AM, and we all scattered to our various sections. About 15 people went on the trail, pointing people in the right direction. The rest of us manned the check in table, and helped get the post-race breakfast ready. We poured, flipped and served pancakes for several hours, all in the cold, but it was a great bonding experience!

We learned more about each other, as well as about why we ride. Large group volunteer experiences like this are what not only bring the team together, but help us see the bigger picture about why we do what we do. Sharing stories with each other and meeting people along the way who have also been affected by cancer gives us conviction to fight. We can’t wait for more opportunities like this!

– Geetika Rao