The 2016 Team Volunteering at Frankenbike

On February 28th, a handful of the 2016 Texas 4000 team got together to help out at Frankenbike, a monthly bike swap around Austin. We arrived in pairs at SHIFT Gear Exchange and from 9am to 4pm we made snacks and shared our message to those who came to swap. Arriving on a cold and wet saturday morning, none of us were certain of what would happen, but the outcome was great. The swap started at 11am and people slowly began appearing looking for miscellaneous bike parts. At first we huddled together under the tent, but soon we spread out serving up coffee and chilli dogs chatting with different customers about Texas 4000 and our mission to fight cancer. It was an awesome experience being able to share with people who love cycling about the opportunity to join us during ATLAS in May. We even met a former 2012 Texas 4000 rider! We were blown away when the shop owner was gracious enough to donate the snack profits directly to Texas 4000!

Overall, the day was a tremendous success. We got to volunteer in a community connected to Texas 4000 through cycling. Also as a small group of volunteers, we were able to bond with unfamiliar faces. What was truly great was sharing our stories with the shop crew and those who participated in Frankenbike. Making this connection by sharing our stories within the Austin community only helps us spread knowledge, especially by connecting with local businesses who share our love of bikes! We hope to volunteer with them again!

-Jennifer Henderson (Click here to see Jen’s profile!)