The 2016 Team Represents Texas 4000 at the Cancer 180 Survivorship Symposium

This past weekend, a few 2016 riders had the privilege of attending the Cancer 180 Survivorship Symposium held on our very own 40 Acres! We were there to table for T4K and promote the ATLAS ride. We were lucky enough to be able to sit in on the keynote address, by the amazing Connor O’ Leary, and the Young Adult Survivor panel and hear some incredible stories from cancer survivors.

Tabling was really fun; it felt so great to represent Texas 4000 and to meet so many people who weren’t familiar with the organization. One very well intentioned man came over to our table inquiring “Do y’all really get 4000 people?” Obviously, we cleared some things up for him, and had a great conversation with him and many others about what Texas 4000 is, who we are, and what we do. The shock value of explaining to someone that we really do bike all-the-way to Alaska never seems to wear off.

Hearing the stories of so many young survivors was amazing. Connor O’ Leary told of his fight with cancer and how after a very close brush with death, he recovered and went on to compete in and win The Amazing Race with his father. So many other survivors bravely shared their stories. One of the best parts of the event was seeing how many survivors only received treatment because of amazing hospitals like MD Anderson, where a good amount of T4K’s grant money often goes. It it is great to get an understanding of why we choose to give where we do.

We were so inspired by the strength of every speaker, and by the community that was formed to support each other and share in each other’s fight. Overall this was an incredible experience and left us motivated and ready to hit the ground running (or riding) with our T4K experience!

Written by Melissa Meyer