The 2016 Team & Dell’s Children Survivor Challenge: Week 6

The last workout before the big day! Excitement is running high and A, L and N are running FAST. We volunteers have to pace the kids so they don’t tire out too quickly. The conversation quickly turns to Halloween. We learn that A’s costume is a zombie, but not just ANY zombie. She’s a teenage zombie prom queen, and you had better remember it. N is going as a Ninja Turtle, an announcement replete with an instructional demonstration of the first form of karate, and L has yet to decide on a costume but he’s sure his Hallows-evening will include Dungeons and Dragons. L inevitably steers the conversation to one of his two favorite topics, the presidential election and Lord of the Rings. This time it was the election. All three kids expressed their dismay with how the grownups are running the world. I ask A, would you want to be president and do a better job? She responds with an emphatic YES and begins her manifesto entitled, “Every Kid in America Can Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast and Also Have a New Puppy.” She then turns to me and asks very seriosuly, Can I count on your vote? I then exchange my enthusiastic YES for a hearty handshake and we keep running, leaving me wondering if I had just sold my soul to a teenage-zombie-prom-queen president-to-be. My fellow volunteer Annie asks all the kids whether they like to do student council or want to run for class president next year. N replies that it’s too much work, L says he wouldn’t want to risk losing the election, and (you guessed it) A says of course she’d do it! Afterall, she’s already president of the Sarcasm Club. This leads to L and N also wanting to be the president of various clubs, and soon our little Super Group is the most highly esteemed bunch of presidential scholars ever to grace Mueller Park. L claims presidency of the Pun Club, the Star Wars Club, the Harry Potter Club and the Coffee Enthusiasts Club (yes, this twelve year old boy is more of a coffee connoiseur than am I, architecture student extraordinare). N is the president of the Karate Club, the Eating Food Club and the Steve Club (an organization devoted exclusively to finding bunches of fluff around the lake and naming them Steve). And naturally A is the president of the Wordplay Club, the Zombie Club, the Scary Stories Club and the Running Really Fast Club, not to mention the United Clubs of America. The Super Group’s collective resume is impressive indeed!


And now, more about the founding of the Steve Club. Halfway around the lake, N, our resident gatherer of duck feathers, spotted something he just had to have. That something turned out to be a ball of tree fluff. N then announced his newest position as the Lorax, president of the Nature Club, and christened the fluff, Steve. Steve accompanied the Super Group for the rest of our workout. Coach Amber has a favorite cheer that she likes us to do when we break out at the end of the night: Run with joy! The Super Group now has an addendum to that motto. This Sunday at the race, we all intend to Run with Joy – and also Steve.

Written by 2016 Rider: Dana Moore