The 2016 Team & Dell’s Children Survivor Challenge: Week 4

This week, many of the kids couldn’t make it because they are such studious little souls, so we volunteers teamed up to motivate the youngsters that could make it. My teammates and I paired up with A, who could hardly concentrate on running because she was so excited about her upcoming Halloween party. So we made a deal; every time we stopped to take a break while running around the lake, A would practice her ghost stories on us. And I daresay we were an excellent audience! There was plenty of oohing, ahhing and breathless gasping. I asked A if I could share her original ghost story with the world, and she benevolently granted her permission. So here is A’s favorite ghost story, an original piece transcribed by yours truly. Imagine it spoken by an eight year old girl, eager for her Halloween costume to come in the mail and whose favorite time of day is dusk:

Once upon a time, there was a girl who turned 13. But it wasn’t just ANY 13th birthday, it was on the 13th day of the mystical thirteenth month called Fluflenda of the year 2013. She wakes up and she sees a giant cake made special just for her, but she slips and the cakes goes ALL over her. And then her hair dryer floated over to her and started blowing hot air on her, too. And THEN later that day she was eating food and texting, and she dropped her phone into her soup. And then she went to the pond and was talking to the ducks-did I mention she has the magical ability to talk to ducks? (Let the record show that this part of the story was told suspiciously near the ducks on the lake!) Anyways, she told the ducks, “I’m having the strangest day! First I fell in a cake and then my hair dryer attacked me and then I dropped my phone in my special birthday soup!” And the ducks didn’t say anything because they didn’t have the magical ability to talk to humans, so instead they all charged her at once BUT they went straight through her! Then she started to text someone because her phone got better and her phone went right through her hand. And she asked Siri where she should go eat and Siri said, “there are ten pizza places near you, because I know you love pizza and they don’t even have mushrooms because I know you hate mushrooms.” And so she said “wow thanks Siri!” And then she ate a banana. And then she asked Siri “Siri, what should I get my best friend for her birthday?” And Siri said, “you don’t have to get me anything.” And she said “no silly my REAL best friend.” And Siri said, “…oh don’t you worry about that, I’ll take care of it. I’ll get her something REAL nice.” And so the girl was really a ghost all along and her phone turned all her real friends into ducks and then took control of her, all because her birthday was in the mystical magical thirteenth month called Fluflenda. 

The end!


I don’t know about you, but I for one cannot wait for next week’s installment. Happy October!

Written by Dana Moore