The 2016 Team & Dell’s Children Survivor Challenge: Week 3

Giving my Thursday nights to these kids is the best decision I’ve made in my entire college career. Finally, volunteering is something I do on a weekly instead of monthly basis. Not only do I get the chance to make some awesome little buddies, I get to see them grow into equally awesome little athletes. For example, S can already run circles around me for an entire lap around the lake, and he can only improve from here. And A’s legs get tired so easily but she always does her best. And L’s cheerful atitude never wavers, not even when he strained a leg muscle and had to take a week off. And then there’s N, who is always pushing A and L to keep running. I never thought of running as a team sport, but watching these little nuggets cheer each other on redefines the way I think of running as a hobby, therapy and sport. Anyone watching the Super Group traipse around Mueller Park would agree that this 5K is going to be a team effort. Can’t wait until next week!


Written by 2016 rider: Dana Moore