The 2016 Team & Dell’s Children Survivor Challenge: Week 1

As Texas 4000 gears up for the ride year of 2016, we are also making room for new volunteer opportunities. One such event is the Dell Children’s 5K Survivor Challenge, a training program for pediatric cancer patients, survivors and their families. Through Texas 4000, five of my teammates and I get to go to Mueller park every Thursday evening for the next two months and help these strong little kids prepare to strut their stuff at the upcoming Run for the Water in November. This past Thursday was our first meeting, and I immediately got the feeling that this was the best thing I’ve done all semester. I met two dozen amazing volunteers who are passionate about helping cancer survivors with physical rehabilitation, and learned so much from them! Just one day of running with these kiddos has made me realize how important it is that these kids, who have already overcome the hardships of diagnosis, prognosis and treatment, just get to feel normal. So for one day out of the week they’re not told to be careful, or take it easy or slow down. For one day out of the week, these little super heroes can train for a 5K just like anyone else. For the next couple months, I will blog in particular about eight year old A, nine year old N, fourteen year old S and twelve year old L, who have already touched my heart after one day of knowing them. Here’s to new traditions!


Written by 2016 Rider: Dana Moore