Texas 4000 riders leave Austin for Anchorage

Early Saturday morning the Texas 4000 team left Austin for Anchorage, Alaska. They will ride for the next 70 days. Their mission is to fight cancer each mile.

Each rider takes part for a different reason. For Luis Salazar, 23, it’s personal.

“My mother got cancer when I was in high school,” Salazar said. “I don’t think the gravity of the situation hit me. I was emotionally immature. I was numb about the situation and felt terrible for not being there for my mom. Now I’m trying to provide that hope that I couldn’t provide to my mom.”

 “Their personal stories are inspiring to people who are fighting cancer or who have a family member or friend who is fighting cancer,” said Scott Crews, the executive director of Texas 4000.

Riders will take one of three routes from Austin to Anchorage logging 4,000 miles over 70 days. Along the way they will share hope, knowledge and charity in the fight against cancer.

“Riders like Luis have been in 18 months of leadership training. They have logged 2,000 miles and 50 hours of volunteering and raised a minimum of $4,500,” added Crews.

So far the riders have raised more than $600,000. Luis knows his mom will be proud of each mile.

“She’ll be close to my heart as I bike across the country.” Salazar said.

The recent University of Texas graduate is attending medical school after the ride.

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