Texas 4000 riders on the journey to fight cancer

By John Elizondo of KVVX-TV

WACO, TX (KXXV) –Riding with a purpose. That’s why Texas senior Lauren Nix and her 24 teammates chose to strap up on their bikes and ride this summer.


“Our ride is hard  but it is absolutely nothing comparable to the battle people face everyday,” Texas 4000 rider Lauren Nix said.

A battle Nix saw first hand with her step-father Rick.

“He was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer when I was a sophomore in high school,” Nix said.

And for 3 and half years Rick fought, relying on the only thing he had left.

“Without hope you really don’t have anything and that is kind of what he held on to throughout his entire fight,” Nix said.

That’s the same message the Texas 4000 riders want to spread the next two months. All with just a bike and a backpack.

“Hey, if a group of 70 college students can bike to Alaska in 70 days the human body is capable of amazing things,” Texas 4000 ride director Luis Salazar said.

The road to Alaska can’t be done with just a drop of a hat. It took thousands of miles to train and the special bond with those who fight cancer to make the  mountains they ride look like molehills.

“That personal relationship with cancer is really something unique and extremely powerful and gets you through those extremely tough moments,” Salazar said.

“Every hill, every pedal stroke on these really hard climbs that we might have, I am thinking of a person that I ride for in mind,” Nix said.

Each member rides for someone new almost every day, and they will continue to ride the fight is over.

“They shouldn’t be thanking us because we are in it for them and we carry them to Alaska all the way,” Nix said.

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