Texas 4000 found a way to increase the awesomeness



Each year, Texas 4000 empowers 18 University of Texas students through leadership skills, community engagement, fundraising, and a training schedule that prepares them to cycle from Texas to Alaska via multiple routes. They generously supported Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC) again this year as they made their way through the Canadian leg of their tour, and it was great to meet up with their riders again this year to hear their stories from the last seven weeks, and to tell the new crew more about what we do!

“The riders had such a great experience meeting YACCers in Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Edmonton last year that they were adamant we needed to continue to grow our relationship and support all that YACC does,” said Kathryn Flowers, program manager at Texas 4000 for Cancer. “All three of our [2015] routes had great experiences with their meet ups, with many riders noting how ‘powerful’ and ‘moving’ the experience of meeting fellow young adults who had battled cancer or been affected by cancer in some way.”

The group presented a $10,000 USD cheque in Vancouver in 2014, and blew us away with $13,000 USD in Calgary this year. We are honoured to be supported by such an inspiring and ambitious group of people, and we hope to meet up again next year!

“We are so grateful for our continued work with YACC and hope to continue to grow alongside each other well into the future,” said Flowers.

Messages from our community


“A couple of Localifers who weren’t out stampeding tonight joined us for a fantastic evening meeting with the Texas 4000 Rockies cycling team who stopped in Calgary on their ride from Texas to Alaska to generously donate a check for $13,000 to YACC. We enjoyed hearing the riders stories from the road and they were very interested to here in more detail from us what YACC is all about. YACC and Localife are so grateful to Texas 4000, we wish you a safe journey pedaling on to Alaska!”


“On July 15, we had the opportunity to say ‘howdy, y’all’ to some members of the Texas 4000 Ozarks team while enjoying microbrew pints and poutine (and yes, they actually do use howdy as a greeting).  While discussing the Canadian craze behind Boston Pizza, where to get the best poutine, as well as sayings such as ‘eh’ and ‘Oh yeah,’ we heard some of the challenges that the Texas 4000 team was facing, such as getting up at 4:30 a.m. to start biking for the day, to a 20 minute ordeal attempting to order ‘one dozen donut holes’ (aka Timbits), or the lack of gas stations for long distances on the prairies.”


“Aside from our Canadian-isms, it was a great night to discuss advocacy, inspire each other, as well hear their stories as to why they ride, and the impact cancer has had on their own lives. As we parted ways, our hearts were full of awe and inspiration. We wish all the Texas 4000 teams continued safe travels as well as a huge thank-you for raising awareness of cancer, and truly inspiring everyone you meet!”


“It was very interesting meeting the Texas 4000 Ozarks crew. It’s great to see how people of such varied backgrounds and interests are united by a common purpose, and their dedication is truly inspiring. We talked a lot about the differences between American and Canadian culture, but the real takeaway was how similar we all are beneath all of that. The whole evening was a lot of fun, and very thought-provoking. I wish them the best for the rest of their journey and beyond.”

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