Texas 4000 Departs for Alaska


Tomorrow 76 Longhorns kick off an epic, summer bike ride from Austin to Anchorage, Alaska to help in the fight against cancer. Who are they? They are Texas 4000.

Sophomore Neurobiology Pre-med major Ria Cho has been training a year-and-a-half for the 4,000 mile ride. “I’ve definitely had my share of struggles with the training so far. Whenever I’m climbing up an especially steep hill, I remind myself that the pain I’m experiencing at that moment is nothing compared to the pain that cancer patients and their loved ones are facing.”

All it took was a flyer in a Robert A. Welch Hall (WEL) bathroom that said “Bike from Austin to Alaska” for senior Anthropology and Journalism major Olivia Starich to know she was going to join the cause. “It’s not a road trip, it’s not a vacation and it’s not a post-graduation-YOLO-adventure. It’s all done for/in the memory of other people who I know and love,” she adds.



Each student brings their own personal reasons, motivations and goals they hope to accomplish as they fight cancer every mile. Check out why they ride.

Texas 4000 is a student non-profit organization that strives to share hope, knowledge and charity through leadership development, grant-making and their ride across the continent.

Written by Maria Hawbacker, Campus Life Reporter

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