Texas 4000 2015 Riders Present Program at Harmony Science Academy


On Friday the 13th (spooky!) I had the real pleasure of presenting our team’s very first program to the students of Harmony Science Academy! Alongside fellow teammate Madhushree Zope, we introduced the Texas 4000 mission to about a hundred brilliant 9th graders. I was blown away by their smarts! During the portion of our presentation that is tailored for student audiences, eager hands were raised to discuss what I believed were high-level genetic and physiological concepts in cancer biology. I’m a senior biology major myself, and I didn’t learn the in-depth mechanisms of this disease until I entered college! Those students were some of the most receptive and engaged young people I’ve ever met. That day, I had a strong feeling that at least one of those kids would someday carry the Knowledge pillar as a Texas 4000 rider or supporter.


I was invited to present this talk last minute. Initially I was nervous because I hadn’t expected to put on a program so soon and wasn’t sure what all I was going to say exactly. But as I thought about it the night before, so many experiences and lessons learned over the past year began to flow almost effortlessly! The best of Texas 4000 is yet to come and already so many great things have been ingrained in me. What I look forward to most is sharing with others–family, friends, and strangers alike–my life-changing experiences as a Texas 4000 rider.

Written by Francisco Dominguez