Safe port in a storm


The nine Riders who took shelter at the home of Dale and Diane Yonz on their way from Sasktoon to North Battleford, a leg of their Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska trek.

Sunday afternoon, Dale Yonz was working at his shop on his farm near Brada.

He says it started to rain and then there was the loud thunder that was close by. He looked out the doors to watch the rain and saw about nine cyclists heading towards North Battleford.

They stopped at the approach to the Yonz farm, so he ran out into the rain to wave them to the yard.

Yonz says they were soaked, but more frightened of the lightning. After the rain quit, Yonz and his wife Diane went to the house for towels and invited them in for coffee, tea and pop.

“Lucky we stopped at Costco few days prior, had a strawberry shortcake. No one refused the cake,” Dale says

“The were very nice young adults. Austin Texas university students on their way to Alaska raising money for cancer.”

The riders were part of the Texas 4000 for Cancer trek, travelling from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska.

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