Stories from Rockies

We are bound by the stories we tell. Every Texas 4000 rider carries with them their own tale about cancer. It is a story about a parent, a grandparent, a significant other, a friend. Sometimes it is their own story. For some, this is the only keepsake left behind. Each story is a light that illuminates the reason why our riders believe in the Texas 4000 mission. While traveling the long road from Austin to Anchorage, Texas 4000 riders need more than peanut butter and jelly to sustain them up inclines and along unpopulated stretches of highway. The riders find motivation in stories, the ones they carry with them and the ones that are shared with them by people they meet on the ride, because while each story is unique, the experiences they convey are shared by many people in many places.

The Campfire Project was created to share some of the stories that the riders are fortunate to hear during their journey. These stories illuminate the struggles faced by cancer patients and their loved ones told in their own words. They are reminders that no one is alone in their fight. The stories shared here are why Texas 4000 rides and that our three pillars of Hope, Knowledge, and Charity are supporting a future that is coming where every story about cancer will have a happy ending. So please, come join us around the fire as we share the stories that carry us through.