• Route: Sierra
  • Ride Year: 2022
  • Hometown: Dallas, TX

About: Hi! My name is Neha and I’m a senior public health major. My academic interests lie at the intersection of community health and palliative care, and I hope to ultimately provide free healthcare on these foundations.
When I’m not in class, I spend most of my time running between research labs and with my roommates.

Why I Ride

When I was younger, I thought my family was embarrassed by big displays of affection. Our way of loving through practical acts of service seemed to be everyone’s language. But our love language evolved as each generation aged, taking an entirely different form in the last months of life. I learned from a generation’s passing that big gestures do mean a lot to my family. As the next generation ages, this is my big gesture for them. I ride to transcend the language barrier that always made expressing love a little awkward.

I ride for my great grandparents, who lost themselves to Alzheimer’s before their deaths. And for my maternal grandma, who took on the mantle of their primary caregiver. When I think of ajji, I think of her indomitable spirit, which I hope to embody during my time in Texas 4000.

For my paternal grandmother who lost her mother and brother by the age of 25 and never misses an opportunity to tell a story about them. I ride to honor her memories.

I ride for my grandpas: Dinesh thatha and Murthy thatha, who have showered me with boundless affection in the form of cherry buns and chocolate. And for Sanathu thatha, whose sense of adventure and love for the natural world I hope to carry with me throughout this journey.

I ride with Texas 4000 because I hope to see a future with less clinical suffering. One where cancer is treatable and treatment is accessible to all. My belief in this future lies at the intersection of hope, health, and community -- all of which are represented in T4K’s mission.

I sincerely thank everyone who read this far for your time and support. If there is anyone in your life I can ride for, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I would be grateful to hear your story and count it among the reasons I ride.

To Alaska with love,