• Route: Smoky-mountains
  • Ride Year: 2021
  • Hometown: Houston

About: Hello! Welcome to my Texas 4000 profile. I am a second-year Business student at UT Austin. Although I continuously dabble in new things, I am a long time nature enthusiast, earrings addict, and dancer. I style for SPARK Magazine (a campus fashion magazine), and I also enjoy history, being outside, making lists, crossing things off lists, TED podcasts, and caring for my plants that I've proudly managed to keep alive. I am passionate about loving people and learning, and I am honored and excited to do both those things as a member of this community!

Why I Ride

Several summers ago, I did a research appointment in the Breast Radiology Department at the MD Anderson Cancer Center. It was during that summer that I first realized the scale of the issue of cancer. Lives are ripped apart by cancer, but so many stories show the resilience that sews our communities and families back together, with new strength to deal with and confront cancer together, each in our own way. Texas 4000 is my whole-hearted effort to, along with my team, contribute to the continued progress in treating cancer and to uphold the legacy of resilience demonstrated in this community. It is a great privilege to grow alongside a team of ambitious people each with their own motive to be a part of this organization and community. I am doing this to support the doctors and their teams pushing for new preventative measures and cures. I am riding to witness what this vast country has to offer—resilient people, inspiring stories, and natural beauty—and to give back to those people in the form of hope. If you have battled cancer or who know someone who has been affected by cancer, I invite to email me at the email address above and share if you so desire. I ride for you and for them.

With much love,