• Route: Smoky-mountains
  • Ride Year: 2021
  • Hometown: Carrollton, Texas

About: My name is Hannah and I'm majoring in Public Relations and Radio/TV/Film with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I'm from Carrollton, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. My family consists of the most incredible parents, Tim and Sharon, my twin sister and best friend, Rachel, my older brother and coolest guy I know, Jacob, and my kinda dumb but absolutely adorable pupper named Nellie.

I am a member of Kappa Delta here at UT and have also been involved in Ignite Texas, a camp for incoming freshmen, over the years. In my free time I like to head to Alamo Drafthouse for the newest movie release, pursue my endless quest for the best coffee (spoiler: I'm pretty sure it's just at Dunkin), write, and most of all spend time with the greatest people I've gotten to meet at UT. Traveling is my absolute favorite thing and I'm happiest when I'm outside and trying new things, like biking to Alaska!

Why I Ride

I ride, simply, because I'm a firm believer in hope. I've learned over time that hope isn't always seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, sometimes it's choosing to run through the darkness in full faith that you'll see the light again soon. I ride because of those in my life who have chosen to chase this light and inspired me to do the same, and I look forward to choosing hope mile after mile.

As I was considering how I would begin to wrap up my time at UT, I was overwhelmed by how I would complete my "college experience." Then I got a call from my best friend that her mom was diagnosed with lung cancer and I quickly snapped back into reality. Throughout college I’ve had glimpses of this reality. I’ve traveled and been reminded of the problems people face around the world. I’ve lived with mental illness that has burst the bubble of what it means to be successful or accomplished. I’ve been inspired by people who embrace opportunities to enact change as a habit.

To me, riding for Texas 4000 means dedicating myself to living in the reality that no one is immune to the struggles that life brings. It’s rejecting the lie that doing big things is something for after college, or the lie that in the midst of hurt there's nothing I can do. It’s an understanding that there’s always something I can do to make change.

My whole life I have seen cancer take and take, but I’ve also seen the power of hope inspire others to fight, to live life with cancer, to live on after a loved one loses the battle.

Just like you, I want to see a future with a cure. I hope you'll join me in fighting cancer and embracing hope!