• Route: Sierra
  • Ride Year: 2021
  • Hometown: Dallas, TX

About: I'm a fourth-year student of Environmental Science and German here at the University of Texas at Austin who enjoys baking, gardening, floristry, and volunteering in my free time. I participated in the virtual summer ride with the wonderful 2020 team this past summer, and I am hopeful that I will have the chance to join the 2021 team in physically biking to Alaska this upcoming summer. If your life has been impacted by cancer, I’d love to hear your story and dedicate my ride to you and your loved ones. Please feel free to reach out to me at (972)-757-3939 or at any time. I’m thrilled to share this journey with all of you!

Why I Ride

I will ride because cancer has affected every life on Earth, including mine. I will ride for those who have lost loved ones, family, and friends. For those who themselves have fought against cancer, and for those who have lost the battle. For the children who have lost a parent, and for the children who are plagued by cancer themselves. I will ride for everyone who can’t.

I will ride for the less fortunate, who face far worse survival outcomes than other patients. The fight against cancer should be a uniting force, not one divided by socioeconomic class. I will ride to empower others through knowledge about cancer treatment and prevention. To fundraise for cancer research and support services. To share a vision of hope with each individual that I encounter along the way; hope that one day, everyone will understand what cancer is. Hope that one day, cancer treatment will be funded equitably across the entire globe. Hope that one day, cancer will be eradicated.

Finally, I will ride because in a world that is so seriously affected by cancer, the subject is often avoided. Cancer is a sensitive topic, but one that we can’t be afraid to discuss. I will ride with Texas 4000 to be the person that people feel comfortable discussing cancer with. For myself, for my community, and for my teammates, I want to be someone that they can reach out and talk to, that they can be supported by, and that they can trust. I will ride because Texas 4000 and its mission is what being human is all about, and I want to help.