• Route: Ozarks
  • Ride Year: 2021
  • Hometown: Austin, TX

Why I Ride

My "Why I Ride" can be separated into two categories. The first one is my family and the families of those affected by cancer. The longer I am a part of this organization, the more I realize what a grasp cancer has on the entire family unit of an affected individual. Every aspect of the family is put under massive strain including relationships, finances, and of course their hope. I hope that our ride can demonstrate beyond any doubt that we care for these families and hope to make a notable difference in the lives of others. Secondly, I ride for access to health care and spreading education on preventive measures. During my time in Texas 4000 I would love to educate as much as possible about cancer as a disease, its prevention, and early detection. I feel that educating the public in general is a public health tactic that is extremely effective in reducing unnecessary suffering and eliminating harmful diseases, and scenarios. Coming from a STEM background, I feel that the medical and scientific community does a poor job of communicating medical and scientific information to the public in a digestible, and informative way without imposing any sort of superiority. That is why I feel so strongly about having an impact that involves productive health communication. I hope that my contribution in this sense would leave a lasting impact on how the people I come in contact with view science and potentially their long-term physical health.

Please let me know if you have anyone you would like me to ride for!