• Route: Ozarks
  • Ride Year: 2021
  • Hometown: Plano, TX

About: Hi! Thanks for stopping by!

My name is Eena, and I’m a junior pursuing a major in honors biochemistry, a minor in anthropology, and certificates in forensic science and child communication (centered around children with chronic and terminal illnesses). In my free time, I love to watch crime documentaries, go on way too many boba runs, and sing with my ukulele!

I have a big heart for people and their stories. Whether it be through hospice care or working as a first year peer mentor, I love being able to learn about others: what they've been through, what they cherish, and what shapes the perspectives they have. I hope to do the same through Texas 4000 and to continue hearing and sharing stories. If there’s anyone you’d like me to ride for, please fill out this form:

Why I Ride

I want to ride for love. There is so much heart in the community of people who are making huge strides in the fight against cancer, and I want to let their actions be known. In my time working in a lab developing optogenetic cancer therapeutics, I watched my team continually work past hours, running experiments late into the night. Through the frustration of failed experiments and ideas that led to dead ends, I saw them push forward over and over again. Texas 4000 is a face for this fight, and biking to Alaska gives me the opportunity to spread the heart and passion of these people to countless communities.

I want to ride for resilience. I’ve had the privilege of spending time with the kiddos at the Children’s Blood and Cancer Center at Dell Children’s for over a year now and seeing just how much they truly embody strength in the face of hardship. When they come in for treatments, they fight against their fears and their pain, sometimes without even knowing it. They fill the room with colorful crafts, with goofy laughs, and with joyful singing. I hope to radiate just a fraction of their perseverance on this ride and to spread their unwavering spirit.

I want to ride for solidarity. Cancer is destructive, and through Texas 4000, I want to fight in solidarity for those who are affected. For the chilling silence that filled the floor of the radiology department I used to volunteer in, I will ride. For the immeasurable grief that comes with losing a loved one, I will ride. I will ride until the day comes where we don’t have to anymore.

And last, but not least, I want to ride for my own strength. Biking to Alaska sounds daunting as it is, but as someone who’s never even gotten on a bike, I knew going in that Texas 4000 would be a huge leap out of my comfort zone. But, it’s such a privilege to have physical health and the ability to turn my thoughts into actions. It’s time to show myself that we don’t always need to do things that play to our strengths. We’re stronger than we think we are.

With love,