• Route: Rockies
  • Ride Year: 2020
  • Hometown: Richardson, TX
  • School Year: Junior
  • Major: Nursing

About: Hello friends thanks for visiting my page! My name is Mary Grace and I am currently a senior nursing student. I am a 2020 deferee. Here at UT I am involved in my sorority, Delta Gamma, and can be seen doing all things outside. I have been training in Crossfit for 6 years now and recently found my love to spin! Don't be fooled though, you can always catch me taking a quick 5 hour nap at any time of day.

Why I Ride

Texas 4000 members consistently drew my eye throughout my first year at the University of Texas. Aside from their impressive physical endurance and ability, their wholesome passion for their organization fascinated me. The riders are vigorously in love with the cause of their mission, which is to spread hope, charity, and knowledge for the fight against cancer. For me, to be able to project these ideals across the country was not just an opportunity, but a privilege.

First and foremost I want to ride for my mom. She was originally diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. My mom had a short year of recovery to herself before I suffered a major spinal injury and required all of her time and care for the following year. She had to put aside her own needs and healing in order to look after me, which I will never be able to repay.

My mom later recurred in 2016. Thanks to all the amazing doctors and nurses at UT Southwestern in Dallas, she achieved remission. However, I saw firsthand how the disease not only harms physically but emotionally. She protectively loaded herself up with all burdens so that my family and I wouldn't be negatively affected. I want to carry all of her hurt, struggles, and most importantly her fight all the way to Alaska. If she beat cancer twice in the midst of a storm, I can ride for the strong woman who I proudly call my mom.

I also ride for everyone I have met in the past, present, and future who have or will be affected by this disease. From individuals I have known all my life to strangers I will meet along the way, I want each and every single person to know I genuinely care about them and will hold their story deep in my heart always.