• Route: Ozarks
  • Ride Year: 2020
  • Hometown: Plano, Texas

Why I Ride

When I first heard about Texas 4000 and the bike ride from Texas to Alaska, I was blindly on board just for the adventure. On the other hand, my mother, like most moms, was more concerned about me “falling” and not getting enough food during the journey.

I quickly learned that the journey is much more than the ride. It’s spreading Hope, Knowledge, and Charity in the fight against cancer. Here’s why I plan to dedicate 18 months to this mission.

In 2006, my grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer. About two years later, my dad woke me up and explained how my grandmother had passed away. I walked to the kitchen and watched my mom make breakfast with tears on her face.

Living in America, I never had a chance to connect with my grandmother back home in India apart from five-minute phone calls on holidays. I was little and didn’t understand the seriousness of her situation. I do, however, remember how she got me toys from the market every year. I heard she made the best siro (Indian sweet). And I bet she had some of the best stories.

I want to ride in her memory.

My passion for engineering and research was sparked by one truly inspirational high school teacher. She constantly pushed me to create a better research project. Some of my best memories and friends were made in her class. Unfortunately, I recently learned about her cancer. Currently, she’s bravely fighting her tumor through various treatments and medication.

I owe it to her to ride.

I cannot imagine the emotional struggle my mom went through while her mother was losing to cancer ten-thousand miles away. I cannot imagine what it’s like for my teacher, her family, and others alike. The word cancer is terrifyingly powerful. It means different things to different people. To me it means my grandma and my teacher, brave souls like my mom, and families who are scared. It means providing hope to children with cancer. It means spreading awareness, knowledge, and stories about cancer across the nation. It means doing my part in the fight against cancer.

I owe it to every single cancer victim to ride.

Cancer is unpredictable. There is no mathematical model for who it might impact. Coming from a big science and research background, however, I strongly believe in science’s ability in finding new cures – but it needs our help. So, when I heard about Texas 4000 to fight cancer, I had to join the fight.

Texas 4000 gives me and you the opportunity to partake in the fight against cancer and bring Hope and Knowledge for communities and cancer victims.

Join me on my journey on fighting cancer every mile to Alaska. If there is anyone you know that has been impacted by cancer, please feel free to share their/your story. I will dedicate a day of my journey in their honor and bravery! Every person’s story matters in the fight.

Let’s kick cancer in the butt one mile at a time :)

Please do not hesitate to share your stories at: #(469) 682-0645 or

If you would like to financially support my fight against cancer, please click the "Donate Now" button below my picture or contact me for checks/cash. Every dollar counts in this fight!