About Me


  • Route: Sierra
  • Ride Year: 2019
  • Hometown: Beaumont, Texas

About: I'm currently a Math major with a Business Foundations minor at The University of Texas. I was born in Beaumont and lived there my whole life. Growing up, I played tennis and danced, and I still enjoy doing these things when I have time.

Upon coming to The University of Texas, I became involved in Kappa Delta, Women in Medicine, the Freshmen Research Initiative, and now Texas 4000. I am so excited to be surrounded by people in Texas 4000 who are so passionate, and I can't wait to bike for our mission every day.

Why I Ride

I ride for knowledge.
With my parents being first generation immigrants, most of my family still lives in India. Medical practices differ slightly there, especially in more rural areas like the one in which my father grew up. Because of this, many members of my extended family on my father’s side have passed away from preventable health issues, including my grandparents and my uncle. This has exposed me to the issues of global health care and has shown me the importance of spreading and financially supporting the growth of medical care.

I ride for hope.
Some of the most happy and joyful people that I know have been directly affected by cancer. One of my best friends in high school, Angelica, had her aunt, Elsa Villarreal, pass from cancer. Angelica was close to her aunt and dealt with this each day. However, I’m convinced that Angelica woke up everyday and Googled ways to make people laugh because in every one of her conversations, someone ended up laughing. She went out of her way to bring out joy in people and situations, and if you didn’t know her well, you wouldn’t know how cancer had affected her life. I ride for people like Angelica, who emit so much joy through all the hardships that cancer brings them. Angelica gives me hope for a kinder world, and I strive to follow her example.

I ride for Sanya Mousi, Drew's Uncle, Ms. Phillip's husband, and Luke's grandfather. Each day I find a new reason to ride. I meet people whose lives have been touched by cancer, find out more about my teammates’ stories, and am further exposed to medical disparities across the world. I ride for each of these reasons, as well as all the stories that I will never hear.