• Route: Rockies
  • Ride Year: 2019
  • Hometown: Friendswood, TX

About: I was born and raised in a Houston, Texas suburb called Friendswood. It was a town of about 40,000 people nestled between the metropolis of Houston and the beaches of Galveston, both of which I enjoyed occasionally driving to. In high school, I was part of the marching band, tennis team, and debate team. Attending The University of Texas in the amazing city that is Austin has been my favorite experience in my life so far, though I feel like this one will only lead the way for more enlightening and memorable experiences like Texas 4000.

Why I Ride

I grew up with a Dad who had emphysema. It's not the same as cancer, but I've witnessed the strength it takes to overcome a person's own body working against them to achieve the things they need to in life; in this case it was being my dad. I'm a part of this organizations because riding a bicycle to Alaska isn't a hill of beans compared to the difficulties that come with having a chronically sick parent. Where the dynamic is usually them taking care of you, it's you who has to take care of them sometimes, and if being in Texas 4000 means I can make that circumstance easier for even one child, then any sort of challenge between here and Anchorage won't be so challenging at all.

I also ride for so many family and friends, and also all the various endearing, kind people that I have crossed paths with that have had cancer affect their lives in one way or another.

My Godfather, Nick-not-Ed
Teachers: Mrs. Peter and Ms. Woodley
Willow Fagras and her mother, Tina Fagras
Sam & Jane Poole
Angela Jane Kowiack Marshall
Tammy McDaniel
Darla Reithmeir
Betty Davis
Jared "Kermit"
Molly Chesney and Patty Griswald
Doug Leavy
Caitlin Shick
Susie Mathew
Grandma Arrora