About Me


  • Route: Ozarks
  • Ride Year: 2019
  • Hometown: Houston

Why I Ride

The year of 2019 will be the 10 year anniversary of my father fighting cancer. While he may not have completely beaten it, we have not given up hope, and will never give up hope.

When I was only 14, I witnessed my father experience a code blue as his heart stopped beating and the hospital staff rushed me out the room to save his life. I had no idea what was going on and I refused to leave. My mother, brother and I would wait anxiously in the van
overnight, refusing to go home and sleep in bed.

Today I count my blessings, because my father is still here and alive to witness me embark on this incredible journey. 14 surgeries and 6 chemotherapy treatments later, he has always been here to watch me graduate from high school, fall in love,
have my heart broken by girls, teach me how to play guitar, and everything a father should do with his son.

Now, I want to do my part and fight cancer with him. This bike ride isn't just about him, and it definitely isn't about me. It's about families in the same situation like us - sometimes even worse. No child should ever have to see their parent suffer through this illness, and no parent should ever have to worry about outliving their child. Don't help me - help every cancer fighter out there with me.