About Me


  • Route: Sierra
  • Ride Year: 2018
  • Hometown: Houston, Texas

About: Hey friends!

I’m Hannah, a third year Petroleum Engineering student from Houston, Texas. I grew up in a home with my mom, dad, dog and last but not least, my older sister. They all have had a hand in molding me into the person I am today, and without them I would not be as ambitious, driven, or quirky.

I have had an affinity towards really bad boy bands that started from my first concert, The Jonas Brothers, back in elementary school. Since then, I have adopted a fish named dog, started a pancake club, and accidentally spent most of a day with a meatball stuck to me. But of all the things I’ve accomplished over the past 21 years, I’m most proud of being a member of Texas 4000. I can’t wait to spread its mission across the country and make a solid step in the fight against cancer.

Thanks for taking the time to follow along this journey with me. Check back for updates.


Why I Ride

I recently had a conversation with my mom about my Grandpa Bob. The way she described him was a perfect representation of who he was. Plainly put, she said “he never met a stranger.” It sounds odd, but really spoke volumes to how he was able to connect with everyone he met. I remember growing up how everyone from my friends at school, to my coaches at my academy, to the people who worked at our local grocery store all knew him. That was a hard feat for him to manage since he lived in Burlingame, California, which is almost 2000 miles away from my home in Texas. His kind spirit and friendly nature made it easy to always enjoy his presence. He passed away from his second bout with cancer during the beginning of my high school years. I miss him, but I know he would be proud of what I have accomplished and what I will accomplish through this organization. I dedicate every step of this Texas 4000 experience to my Grandpa Bob. He is the main reason I want to take part in this ride. He did so much during his lifetime, and when I say he worked hard to take care of his family, I mean it. I am so thankful that he paved the way for my mom to go on to do miraculous things. She branched out into all male fields, and set the precedent for her daughters to do the same. I am so proud that I had a grandpa who was so encouraging and willing to support his daughters and granddaughters in all they pursued.

I also ride for two of my roommates. Their moms have both battled and beat cancer. Those two ladies raised two of my closest amigas, so I know many of their qualities are embedded in them. I ride for their families and for the hope that they don’t feel the direct impact of cancer ever again.

I ride because each time we give a cancer prevention presentation, we could be changing the course of one person’s life.

I ride because every dollar we raise could go towards the next mind with the cure for cancer.

Finally, I ride because Texas 4000 awards us the opportunity to help fight cancer in a way I had not known was possible.