About Me


  • Route: Sierra
  • Ride Year: 2017
  • Hometown: Austin, TX

About: Hello hello! My name is Sarah Nielsen. I am a true Austinite-- born and raised. I have two older sisters, Ashley and Amanda. I grew up in a quiet neighborhood, but a not so quiet house. With three rambunctious girls running around, my mom had her hands full, but at least there was never a dull moment! My childhood was filled with Disney movies, sporting events, and crafts. As the youngest, I was dragged around to EVERYTHING-- you could count on me being at every one of my sisters' volleyball, basketball, and softball games, every PTA and booster club meeting, and usually running the concession stand. Through my many. many days of observing my sisters and their successes, I set out to be just as successful as they were, playing all the same sports and dedicating myself to my education.

As my sisters went off to college, I moved on to high school, joining the Student Council, National Honor Society, and multiple sports. I dedicated my time to academics and volleyball. As I reached my junior year of high school and college became the big topic, I told my mom flat out-- I will not go to UT. I told her I wanted to be in a new city and not so close to home. But as senior year approached and that May deadline came up, I couldn't ignore the fact that The University of Texas is the place for me. I am so happy with my decision because I have grown so much as a person here at UT and gotten opportunities to be a part of the best organizations on campus. I have been given an opportunity to continue my passion for athletics by learning a new sport, rowing. I am an undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Keith Johnston's lab, working with iron oxide nanoparticles in petroleum reservoirs. I have met some of the most amazing women on campus through Texas Lonestars, a spirit and service organization. And finally, and probably most importantly, I have the privilege to call myself a 2017 Texas 4000 rider.