• Route: Sierra
  • Ride Year: 2016
  • Hometown: Austin

About: Hello, World! I'm Matthew, a senior at UT majoring in Computer Science.

I first enrolled at The University of Texas as a pre-undergraduate and tender 3-year-old in the university's child care center. My parents both worked for the State - my father in IT at UT and my mother as an attorney. Both were longhorn alumni and (understandably) disappointed in my tragic misstep to attend Texas A&M's engineering program freshman year. Soon after seeing the light I made the switch and am happy to have had the opportunity to earn a degree with a burnt orange seal.

Sometimes I play the ukulele, usually I am reading, and always I try to find a spot in the beautiful Central Texas outdoors to enjoy. Once I had intended to fulfill a longtime dream by seeing John Mayer play live during SXSW but was distracted biking across the city chasing a rumor of a free Franklin's BBQ buffet. I love my dog - wobbly and senile as he may be - my home, and the people here, but am looking forward to adventuring away this summer on the Texas 4000 journey.

Why I Ride

I ride for my father, Robert Schneider. His diagnosis in Spring 2014 marked the beginning of a difficult struggle for our family. I watched over a year how physically and emotionally taxing an extended course of treatment was for him, and the stress that the process exerted on my mother as a caretaker. It was frustrating to see their lives put on hold, and for my father's to slip away.

His resolve inspired me to join Texas 4000 and gives me strength every day to ride. The way that my dad faced the situation with optimism, tolerance, and patience is a testament to his character and the power of the human spirit to endure unfortunate circumstances brought about by cancer. Every time I put my feet into pedals I move forward with him in my heart.