We had another short day, 60 miles with more strong headwinds. We still got to Crow Wing State Park in the early afternoon; however, upon our arrival we realized that a swarm of mosquitoes had already occupied our campsite. The bunches of them were so thick that we decided to brainstorm other places to stay […]

Day 29: Victor, ID to Grand Teton, WY 29 miles This climb was the steepest yet. I still wasn’t 100%, so I supported my team with cheers as they climbed. They were elated to reach the top after just 15 miles. Every day the view kept getting better, and today was no exception. We loaded […]

A mere 70 miles could feel like nothing compared to the rides we have done in the past. Some would argue that 70 miles is even a break; however, Minnesota served up some serious headwind today. Even when you’re pushing yourself to your limits, the wind is still pushing you back. The biggest solace is […]

It was a long 120 miles into Minneapolis. The first portion was spent on a beautiful, paved bike trail; however, many miles after that were through gravel & corn fields. Though it was a long ride, we had a wonderful host to look forward to at the end of it all. One of our lovely […]

Day 23: Duschene to Provo, UT 116 miles Today was difficult and arguably one of the most physically challenging days of the ride. The day began with a 30 mile climb up a mountain pass and continued with a ride through many rolling hills. We climbed over 6,000 feet, our most elevation yet! However, the […]

The ride into Rochester was only 80 miles, but the heat in Minnesota is comparable to Texas. We’ve been seeing 90 degree days despite how far north we’ve gotten. Looking at the forecast, it appears that we’ll have many more of these days to come. We rolled in to Iron Wood Springs Camp in the […]

The ride into La Crosse was challenging not only because of the climbs, but because of road closures. We had routed off of highway 30 because last year the team deemed it entirely unsafe: rolling hills, blind curves, narrow shoulders ridden with potholes. However, our alternative route was closed for 27 miles & routed on […]

For the first time since before Illinois we had serious hills on the route to Wyalusing. Our elevation was around 4,000 feet & a lot of that was climbed in a couple of long, drawn-out hills. Though it was tough, the scenery was beautiful. We got to the park & had to start setting up […]

The ride to Madison was mostly on trails, which is bittersweet because while traffic is not an issue, gravel trails are not the best mix with road bikes. The last 20 miles our riders were escorted by a cycling group that has been hosting Texas 4000 for 3 years now. One of their riders lead […]

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. For the last 16 months, Sierra alumni had told us about their time in the desert. The days would be long, the heat would be punishing, and the rest days would be few and far between. We were advised to begin stockpiling cases of water and gatorade […]