Opelika Native to ride 4,500 miles in support of cancer prevention

Opelika native and University of Texas student Anna Lazenby will be riding from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska to support Texas 4000 for cancer.

Opelika native Anna Lazenby, who attends the University of Texas, will be riding on her bike alongside 69 other students from the university for 70 days and 4,500 miles to support Texas 4000 for Cancer, a non-profit that is committed to help in the fight against cancer.

Participants will leave from Austin, Texas on Friday and travel to their end point in Anchorage, Alaska on August 11. Each of the riders is to raise a minimum of $4,500 (a dollar for every mile). The team’s overall goal is to raise $825,000.

“The ride is only a portion of what the organization sets out to do,” Lazenby said. “Texas 4000 for Cancer is a non-profit committed to spreading hope, knowledge, and charity in regards to cancer. The ride helps us spread our mission and join the struggle.”

Lazenby said she applied to be a Texas 4000 rider in August 2015 after her friend, who is a cancer survivor, participated in the ride in 2016.

“His story as a cancer survivor participating in a cancer-fighting organization encouraged me to apply,” Lazenby said.

For a year, Lazenby has been training with the other participants for the ride in June.

“We started with fitness off the bike, began biking in October 2016, and have since completed 2,000 training miles,” Lazenby said. “Our slogan is “fighting cancer every mile” and as our training has ramped up, I’ve realized that we don’t just fight with the money we raise.”

For more information on the organization and how to donate money to the riders, visit its website at www.texas4000.org.

Written by Lindy Oller

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