Nicole: the biking, hunting and fishing lady

This is a story about Nicole, the daughter of my good friends Mike and Soo Wong of Emperor Garden, whom I’ve known since she was a baby. She is now 22 years old and a student at Baylor Medical in Houston studying to become an ear and throat surgeon.

Every year Texas 4000 selects Texas students for an 18-month program designed to cultivate the fight against cancer. Texas 4000 empowers each student to raise $4,500, ride over 4,000 training and course miles with his or her team, volunteer 50 hours in the community and play an active role in planning every aspect of the ride to Alaska by attending meetings and taking leadership positions within the team. As a 20-day ride that travels three routes from Austin to Anchorage, the Texas 4000 summer bike ride is the largest and longest annual charity ride in the world. Starting in Austin on Day 1, the teams split on Day 2 into three groups for the Sierra, Rockies and Ozarks routes and later reunite in Canada to ride the last nine days together into Anchorage.

The riders arrange accommodations in advance during the training year. They rely on the generosity of host families, churches and schools for shelter and prepare to camp when needed. Riders provide their own “sag” support, rotating duties of driving the support vehicles, setting up rest stops, serving food donations and preparing meals that are not provided. Prevention talks are given by riders in town stops starting powerful conversations.

Community members sign the banner that riders carry on their journey to Alaska. They gather in circles to reflect about fighting cancer. Texas 4000 awards grants to organizations with a focus on cancer research. They donate to places like M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and UT Southwestern. So far over seven million dollars have been donated to cancer fighting causes. The 2017 team is trying to raise $875,000. To donate check their website Nicole is an outdoor woman as seen here hunting and fishing since she was a baby with her mom, dad and brother.

Nicole’s Emperor Surf n Turf


– Venison back strap

– Trout fillets

– Soy sauce

– Minced ginger

– Onion stems

– Cilantro


– Place venison and fillets in foil wrap and add soy sauce, ginger, onion stems and cilantro.

– Place in oven at 350 degrees for two hours and place on grill outside for the same time.

– Enjoy with fried rice.

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