Texas 4000 Support Team

You Choose the Time and Location!

We can’t all ride our bikes from Austin to Anchorage, but that doesn’t mean we can’t each support the fight against cancer in our own way.  The Texas 4000 Support Team is a way for Texas 4000 supporters all across the country to fundraise for their favorite charity in a way that is meaningful to them. Joining the support team allows you to create your own fundraising page and choose your own goal.

  • Ask for donations in honor memory of someone you know
  • Ask for donations in lieu of holidays gifts
  • Collect donations in honor of your birthday
  • Create your own 70 day challenge
  • Run a marathon
  • Set up a lemonade stand
  • Hike a mountain
  • Host a bake sale

… whatever pushes you to reach beyond your own limitations!

The key to the success of our support team is bringing your friends and family into our Texas 4000 community. Encourage them to support your efforts with a donation to Texas 4000 by sending them letters in the mail, posting about your progress on social media, inviting them to join you and cheer you on at your event. Allow them to be part of your fight against cancer!

2014 alumn, Ross McGarity, joined the Support Team in 2015 as he trained and completed a half Ironman. Ross surpassed his fundraising goal, raising over $1500 for Texas 4000. “I found that this form of involvement with Texas 4000 helped me continue to feel like I was part of the Texas 4000 family even though I was thousands of miles away in California. One of my hopes during my fundraising efforts was that by fundraising myself, I could help the 2015 Texas 4000 team grant as much as they possibly could back out to cancer research and resources.” – Ross McGarity

We have lots of resources and advise to help you get your support team project started, so please contact shannon@texas4000.org with any Support Team questions. No idea is too big or small, so let us help you think it through!

Together we will be funding cancer research and support services while sharing hope, knowledge and charity and developing the next generation of leaders in the fight against cancer.