Cyclists travel the country for cancer research

The cyclists are raising money for cancer research.

They are riding with 20-year-old Michael Tatalovich, a graduate of Coronado High School in Henderson and a current student at the University of Texas.

He’s a cancer survivor who was treated at the Children’s Specialty Center in Las Vegas.

Members of the cycling team spoke about the mission and the challenges of their journey.

“People are surprised for the most part if we go through the desert,” said cyclist Khoi Le. “They give us like a funny look. They think we’re a little bit crazy, but stop by and tell them what we’re doing, and they’re usually very supportive.”

“My parents thought I was crazy. I thought, I still think, it’s crazy,” added cyclist Geetika Rao. “I’m on Day 20, and I’m still like, ‘Is this the right thing to do with my summer? I could really just be at home sitting on my couch in the air conditioning right about now.’ But, I love it. It’s been going so well.”

The team of 67 riders is named Texas 4,000. Thursday marked the 20th day of their 70-day journey.

They took a break from the road Thursday night to watch the Las Vegas Show “Rock of Ages.” They will hold a press conference Friday at the Children’s Specialty Center before departing for Pahrump.

They take care when riding during hot temperatures. They say when temperatures reach 115 degrees they stop.

The team had to do that earlier this week.

Written by Guy DeMarco

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